Blog CONECTA_FOTO, the power of the image under debate. Tuesday April 25

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Blog CONECTA_FOTO, the power of the image under debate. Tuesday April 25

CONECTA_FOTO, the power of the image under debate. Tuesday April 25

April 19
connect photo

Arrives CONNECT PHOTO, a space in which professionals and students reflect on the value of the image today. 

Once again acting as a link between the creative industries and higher education, the University School of Arts TAI presents CONECTA FOTO: an observatory of the present and future reality of photography and content creation. An open dialogue between different industry agents and students and members of the Community TAI.

Join us to reflect on and discuss issues such as the new challenges of the photographer's profession; image saturation and its value in current digital communication; new image formats in digital communication; photography and artificial intelligence; photography and art; new documentary photography; the creation of audiovisual content for communication campaigns, and much more.

CONECTA FOTO is an exclusive opportunity to find new professional horizons around the creation of photography and digital content, where you can network with professionals in the sector and open a window into the future of images in our society.

TABLE 1: The value of the photographer as creator of current iconography

The democratization of digital image and content creation has allowed anyone without specific training to produce high-impact images through social networks and the Internet.

Free tools designed for dummies provide free access to the industry that triggers competition in a continuously growing market; the arrival of an emerging Artificial Intelligence seems to glimpse an uncertain future for photographic creation. What is the strength of knowledge, critical thinking and human value in the face of the unstoppable technological advance?



The local - Industry
Mendia Echeverria, alumni TAI
Gorka Lejarcegui, professional photographer
Isabel Elorrieta, Director at Ankaria Foundation
Javier Ocana, professional photographer


Lola Martínez, PhD in Philosophy with International Mention from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) and Graduate and Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM).

Martínez is a visual artist and theoretical-practical researcher in visual arts and a professor in media studies, filmmaking, and photography. She has developed a great career in the academic field with a profile of more than 15 years of teaching and relevant positions in the coordination of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. As a researcher, she has collaborated with the research group "Hypermedia" (UPM) and published several film research articles in prestigious magazines such as Goya (published by the Lázaro Galdiano Museum), L'Atalante or Archivos de la Filmoteca.

TABLE 2: Influencers, content creators and other stories

The promising figure of the content creator has uncovered new ways to reach the consumer for numerous brands that already include collaborations with talents and artists in their marketing and communication strategy.

Apps like Instagram or TikTok have become platforms to achieve incomparable exposure and professional positioning. Is academic training necessary for greater professional success and employability among photographers and content creators?



Oliver Vegas, Ovunno, freelance photographer
Jorge Alonso Barrio, Jorchalon, visual artist
Leticia Dias of the Morena, Professional Photographer


George Álvaro, graduated in History, PhD in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising from the Carlos III University and with a Master Official in Spanish Film Studies from the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid (URJC).

Jorge is a photographer, colourist, video and film editor and audiovisual technical professor. He combines his professional activity as a shooting, portrait and advertising photographer with work in the area of ​​video and film post-production, as an editor and colourist. In addition, he teaches workshops on photographic lighting and digital image retouching.

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