Blog You to Madrid and I to Rome. International art project "Body Sound Division"

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Blog You to Madrid and I to Rome. International art project "Body Sound Division"

You to Madrid and I to Rome. International art project "Body Sound Division"

May 30, 2023
The Body Sound

TAI and the Body Sound Division (BSdV) Consortium of Italy come together to create an artistic opportunity within the framework of the Erasmus+ program

Body Sound Division is a consortium of universities in Rome, made up of Saint Louis Music College, Rome University of Fine Arts, Accademia Nazionale di Danza and ISIA Rome Design. The University School of Arts TAI joins this multidisciplinary artistic project thanks to the Erasmus+ internship modality.

body sound division

An international project

The students, from both art universities, have worked for a period of 2 months on the creation of an artistic project, proposed by themselves and with the aim of carrying out academic practices while living an international, cultural experience. and socially enriching.

An artistic coordinator from each city accompanies the students to support, supervise the project and serve as guide and coordination. Marika Pérez, teacher TAI and actress, has been in charge of the artists from Italy who have lived this experience in TAI. On the other hand, Simone Cametti, a RUFA teacher, has been the artistic coordinator of the students TAI in Rome.

the body sound

Both project lines make a final sample in each city. In Rome, the students present I'll turn the coffee in an atiorary sense, un project that brings together references to the human body in a poetics of liberation developed through performance, installation and video.

The exhibition takes place on May 30, at RUFA as the host institution, and brings together 4 proposals: Fold of Abel González; Maria Rodellas Monje presents Intimacy in two dimensions; Identity Card, of Alejandro Guzmán; and Julia Sepúlveda Llorente, with invisible frequencies.

body sound

For their part, the students from Italy offer two exhibitions, both on June 1 at the Auditorio TAI: Michele Mattia Frasca presents a 3-act concert entitled The Fat Man, The Map, Earth, with a message related to hope and paternal inheritance. Brodo di Bimbi, will investigate the process that begins with birth and ends with the establishment of a society like the contemporary one, a performance by Ginevra Mazzoni, Nadia Vallino and Nicolas Schiuma.

Body Sound Division arises and develops thanks to the financial aid granted by the Erasmus Program of the European Union.

Within the same project, mobilities have been carried out by teachers and staff, to support and supervise the participants of each institution and in each city: Angélica Soleiman, Quino Monje, Nestor Roldán and Marika Pérez on behalf of TAI. On the Saint Louis side, Giovanni Imparato and Cristina Zavalloni.

Artists in Body Sound Division

School TAI, Madrid

  • Maria Rodellas Monk, Master in Artistic and Documentary Photography
  • Alfonso Valero Amores, Degree in Fine Arts
  • Julia Sepúlveda Llorente, Degree in Fine Arts
  • Abel Gonzalez Alvarez, Master in Artistic and Documentary Photography
  • Alexander Guzman, Master in Screen Acting

Body Sound Division (BSdV), Italy

  • Nadia Vallino, RUFA, Fine Arts
  • Ginevra Mazzoni, RUFA, Fine Arts
  • Nicolas SchiumaSaintLouisMúsica
  • Michele Mattia FrascáSaintLouisMúsica

About the Erasmus+ program

In a field as international as the art industry, the Erasmus+ program has extraordinary value for artists in training. participate in the International Mobility Program Erasmus+ is a experience not only educational, but also professional, cultural, social and vital. Mobilities increase their technical, interpersonal, and intercultural skills and competencies, and also positively affect their self-esteem, ability to achieve goals, and social and cultural openness.

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