Blog “Amanece”, the debut feature by Juan Francisco Viruega, opens in theaters on November 17

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Blog “Amanece”, the debut feature by Juan Francisco Viruega, opens in theaters on November 17

“Amanece”, the debut feature by Juan Francisco Viruega, opens in theaters on November 17

November 14, 2023

After conquering critics in its first worldwide screening on September 28 at the San Sebastián International Film Festival, “Amanece” (Made in Spain section), the first feature film by Almería filmmaker Juan Francisco Viruega, premieres in theaters this Friday, November 17. The film has also been selected in the First Feature category at the Almería International Film Festival (FICAL) and in Panorama Andaluz at the Seville European Film Festival.

The feature film is not only directed by the academic and teaching assistant director of the film area, but has also welcomed much more talent. TAI, from students to teachers, to work as part of the technical team.


The film is a co-production of Amanece Audiovisual AIE, Juan Francisco Viruega himself and Creation Factory, a production company dedicated to materializing independent and authorial projects driven by University School of Arts TAI and distributed in rooms by Moira Pictures.

"Amanece", “a family constellation and an intimate film”

The first film by the director and TAI teacher talks about issues that have been present in all his projects: the return home, the relationship between parents and children and the conflict experienced by those people who are halfway between the town where they grew up and the city where they carry out their professional activity.


The actresses Aura Garrido (The Ministry of Time, Stockholm), Iria del Rio (The incredible waning weekend, Visitor) and Isabel Ampudia (15 days with you, The first date) give life to three women full of light: Alba, Candela and Aurora. Two sisters and a mother who portray a family constellation of complex relationships, with feelings and emotions on the surface. The cast is completed with the Alicante actress Rebeca Sala and the Andalusians Antonio Araque, Sebastián Haro, Antonio Gómiz and Rafa Jiménez.

Talent TAI en Amanece

Direction and script: Juan Francisco (Teacher TAI)
Script: Óscar Villarroya (Degree in Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts)
Head of Production: Trinidad Quevedo (Diploma in Cinematography and Master in Film and Series Direction)
PDO: Pepe de la Rosa (Artist and Teacher TAI)
Camera Assistant and Focus Puller: Belén Gasca Roche (Degree in Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts)
Electric: Antonio Montero (Master in Photography and Camera Direction)
Editing: Mikel Iribarren (Editor and Teacher TAI)
Editing assistant: Mikel D. Etxebarría
Sound and mixing supervisor: Dani Peña (CEO Mubox Studio and Teacher TAI)
Sound editing: Laura Gantes (Degree in Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts)
Trailer: Javier Robles (Master in Photography and Camera Direction)

dawnPhotography ©Raúl Villaverde

About us Amanece

From a feminine perspective, Viruega resorts to the common thread that has been the protagonist of her shorts, with an intimate and generational story, with autobiographical overtones, in which the return to the childhood home, the relationships between parents and children, and the conflict they experience are present. those who have left their village to live in the city.

Like another protagonist, there is the land, the light, the color and even the sound of Almería, the natural setting where the film was shot. The aridity of the Tabernas desert and the volcanic landscape of Cabo de Gata dialogue with the emotions of the three protagonists and serve as a vehicle for their outcome, which, in the words of the director, is a physical and also emotional journey towards self-love, towards reconciliation and forgiveness. A film that explores such intimate themes as the search for identity and the ephemerality of love through the emotional connection with the environment..



Alba returns to her hometown after a sentimental breakup. There she meets her sister Candela from her. The two will close childhood wounds, they will breathe together again and they will accompany her sick mother in her last days, with the desert, the sea and the salt as witnesses.



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