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Delve into all phases of post-production with the most in-demand software in the industry

The rise of the post-production industry demands professionals with exclusive training in techniques, work methods and cutting-edge software. The programs TAI in Postproduction they offer specialized and competitive knowledge for both the film and TV markets, advertising, social networks and web environments. At the end of your training, you will have access to a paid employment contract linked to professional production.


Educational Excellence

More than 300 professionals from the post-production sector guide students towards artistic excellence through personalized learning based on the completion of projects. Classroom training is enriched with the vision of great geniuses in the industry who enhance the growth of future talents in meetings, masterclasses and workshops.

Multi-artistic creative environment

The method TAI creates a unique collaborative environment. We promote the interrelation and dialogue between editing, color correction, visual effects, animation and other artistic disciplines such as music, performing arts and fine arts. A unique methodology that is defined by the actual exercise of the different Postproduction professions in professional practices and projects.


The Madrid Arts Campus

With more than 50 years of experience, TAI It is today the largest Arts Campus in Spain in the artistic heart of Madrid. 14.000 m2 of facilities equipped with the best equipment for the development of artistic and audiovisual projects: professional sets, multimedia classrooms and latest generation software (Autodesk, Avid, DaVinci, Mistika, Nuke, Houdini, etc.).

Direct connection with the industry

More than 800 agreements with companies, institutions and professionals guarantee our students the possibility of taking their first step in the industry. The training in TAI It is always accompanied by professional experiences and a deep and up-to-date understanding of the artistic and creative landscape.

Degrees in the Postproduction Area

Find out about our degrees in Postproduction

Find out about our degrees in Postproduction and access the industry with the greatest demand for professionals.

What the community says TAI
about the Postproduction Area

Photo by Dario Siero

Dario Siero

Alumni of the Postproduction Area

For me TAI It was the first step to be able to dedicate myself to this. It also helped me to be able to collaborate with other departments of photography direction, editing... It seems impossible to be going to classes TAI and end up in Vancouver in a big movie like Aquaman. I encourage students that if you like what you do, this is the way.

Photo by Cristobal Bolaños

Cristobal Bolaños

Postproduction Area Student

Post-production is really something that until you are in it you don't know what it consists of. Luckily here we have been able to have a very general vision of what it is. I have learned a lot, Master in Postproduction and VFX it is super complete.

Photo by Irati Zarandona

Irati Zarandona

Postproduction Area Student

We have made a web series, short films, an experimental documentary... It is not the same to put together fiction as a documentary, something experimental or a series. Everything has its rhythm. In TAI They teach you those differences.

Develop your own and collaborative projects. Take the first step to be part of an international community of artists.

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