Music and Sound

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Music and Sound

Music and Sound

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Create new paths in the future of music

Our programs have been designed to develop compositional creativity through new technologies and a passion for music. A unique approach based on the innovations that occur in the music creation and production industry. At the end of your training, you will have access to a paid employment contract linked to professional production.

Educational Excellence

More than 300 professionals from the music sector guide the students towards the artistic excellence through personalized learning based on the completion of projects. Classroom training is enriched with the vision of great geniuses of the industry who enhance the growth of future talents in meetings, masterclasses and workshops.


Multi-artistic creative environment

The method TAI creates a unique collaborative environment. We promote the interrelation and dialogue between composition, musical production, sound design and other artistic disciplines. A unique methodology that is defined by the real practice of the different music professions in professional practices and projects.


The Madrid Arts Campus

With more than 50 years of experience, TAI It is today the largest Arts Campus in Spain in the artistic heart of Madrid. 14.000 m2 of facilities equipped with the best equipment for the development of artistic and audiovisual projects: auditorium, musical recording studio, ensemble studio, music room, dance and singing rooms, voice recording room, etc.

Direct connection with the industry

More than 800 agreements with companies, institutions and professionals guarantee our students the possibility of taking their first step in the industry. The training in TAI It is always accompanied by professional experiences and a deep and up-to-date understanding of the artistic and creative landscape.

Courses in the Music and Sound Area

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What the community says TAI
about the Music Area

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Student of the Music Area

In general, in TAI, the goal of almost everyone in composition is not to stick to a genre; It is to open ourselves and then pursue many avenues.

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Student of the Music Area

What it does TAI is that you are working on your art all the time.

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Student of the Music Area

Here I have matured a lot, I have learned a lot. I am more capable of doing quantity and quality.

Develop your own and collaborative projects. Take the first step to be part of an international community of artists.

Music and Sound
soundtrack elsewhere
Lucía Linares, Elsa Madejón, María Costumero and Emmanuel Leyva
Ghost | Outstanding Student Work
Music and Sound
Paula Vogel and David Suarez
No Fucking Clues | Outstanding Student Work
Music and Sound
no fucking clues
Supercut Performing Arts and Music | Outstanding Student Work
Performing Arts
Supercut Performing Arts and Music
Students of the Area of ​​Performing Arts and Music
Paula Viejo Arnás
More than 50 years of academic excellence

We believe in art as
a transcendental
and transformative element

14.000m2 in the heart of Madrid

+ 1.000.000 in scholarships and study aid

30.000alumni in the industry

+2.000practice hours
artistic tutored

Method TAI Creative

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