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Slow media | art and creation

Discover new styles of sound


Slow media has become a form of live presentation of music of all kinds, from classical to experimental or pop to rock, etc. The background of this AUDIOVISUAL AND PERFORMANCE FUSION They could be located in the multidisciplinary arts -such as opera, for example- abstract painting, experiences with light and sound, animation, visual psychedelia, experimental cinema or intermediate works, among others.

The pieces of slow media are a AESTHETIC EXPERIENCE THAT CROSSES DISCIPLINES AND KNOWLEDGE confirming a synesthetic-expressive process started in the XNUMXth century. It thus constitutes one of the most finished forms of sound-visual, reactive-interactive presentation.

The objective of this laboratory is to work to create an orchestra in which any instrument, sound object, noise or silence can be united. Anyone with a musical sensibility can join, no need to know how to play an instrument. techniques will be developed musical improvisation and conducting strategiesn, all focused on a constant interdisciplinary dialogue.


Vincenzo Germano is a teacher, composer, bassist and double bassist. He has composed music for theater and film. His compositions and sound installations have been represented in various theatres, research centers and museums such as: Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Tempo Reale (Florence), Museion (Bolzano), Artefiera (Bologna) or Tivoli Contemporary (Copenhagen).

Under the pseudonym ofOpera23, publishes all his compositions with the record label Wic Recordings (Holland).

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