Music and Sound

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Music and Sound

Music and Sound

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Our music and sound study programs have been designed to develop compositional creativity through new technologies and passion for music.

Train for the music industry

Develop a broad and diverse musicality incorporating urban music and other current trends to classical genres.

Play with technology to create

Apply technological criteria to a recording and learn about the sound possibilities of virtual instruments, synthesizers and sequencers.

Work with other artistic areas

Participate in transversal projects: soundtracks, songwriting, video clips, soundscapes for works and installations, etc.

You can be the artist they are looking for

Take advantage of the demand for composers for films, TV series, advertising, theater, video games, musicals and corporate communication.

Courses in the Music and Sound Area

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Get to know our degrees in Music and Sound and start your career as a creator, producer, or sound designer.

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