Academic Orientation

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Conoce las opciones que te da estudiar en el mayor campus de las artes en Madrid. ¡Te contestaremos lo antes posible!

Academic Orientation

Academic Orientation

Academic Orientation

At TAI, we want to meet and guide you before you embark on your educational experience. We will help you define your profile and explore your motivations so that you can make the best decision for your professional future.

Admissions Advisors

SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT WITH THE TEAM OF ADMISSIONS ADVISORS n charge of providing each applicant with all the necessary information about the degrees that can be studied at TAI and the characteristics of the center itself: FACILITIES, METHODOLOGIES, CAREER OPPORTUNITIES, ADMISSION/ENROLLMENT, SCHOLARSHIPS, AND FINANCING.

(+34) 914 47 20 55

Central Region

María Martín-Calero

Central Region

Aitana Juaristi

Central Region

Cristina Moreno

Levante Region

Virginia Coy

Southern Region

Jacobo Sáenz

International LATAM

Neyle Colmenares

International Europe-Asia

Raimundo Cortés

Ciudad de México

Alicia Mijares


Elena Escandón

Academic Counselor

DURING THE ADMISSION PROCESS, YOU CAN SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT WITH THE ACADEMIC ORIENTATION TEAM in charge of evaluating the previous educational and professional experience of each applicant, as well as their knowledge, concerns, and level of commitment. You will be interviewed, after which your counselor will guide you based on your skills and professional expectations.

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